Fused Mullite

Fused Mullite is a light grey color fused mineral obtained from melting of high purity alumina and high quality quartz sand(silica) in proper ratio in large electric arc furnace. The raw materials of it and fusion process give it a unique needle shape mullite crystale, characterized by high melting point, chemical stability, low thermal conductivity and reversible thermal expansion, good thermal shock resistance, excellent mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. These physical and chemical characters make fused mullite an ideal mineral used in refractory industry and thermal resistant products.

Physical Specifications & Package of Fused Mullite
Main Content : Al2O3, SiO2
Specific Gravity : ≧3 g /cm3
Color : Grey/White
Melting Point : 1850℃
Linear Expansion Coefficien(1/°C) : -6.0×10-6
Apparent Porosity : 5-8
Sizes Available :0-1mm,1-3mm,3-5mm,5-8mm,100mesh,200mesh,325mesh
Package : Jumbo Bag, 25kg Bag and 40 Bags on a Pallet

Particle Distribution & Chemical Content

We produce ANSI,JIS,FEPA standard materials and other customized sizes.






0.1%max for Grits, 0.3%max for Fines






Applications of Fused Mullite

l  Linear Bricks in Glass and Steel Industries

l  Investment Casting Shell Building

l  Kilin Furnaces

l  Ladle Spark Plug Bodies

l  Refractory and Thermal Resistant Products