Fused Calcium Aluminate

Fused Calcium Aluminate is a premelted residue(pre refining slag) used in steel making industry to seperating sulfur and oxgen content of steel and improve its quality and productivity. It's made of fusion of mixture of certain raw materials in electric arc furnace under high temperature. We're one of the first China companies which manufactured Fused Calcium Aluminate. Quality has been tested and proved by many domestic and international steel making companies.
With slag rapidly, submerged arc slag, molten steel, absorbing impurities, desulfurization effect has strong deoxidation, desulfurization effect, can reduce the gas in steel, reduce the impurities in steel. The products of various fine materials by electric melting, generated by the 12CaO 7Al2O3 as the main phase, its content is more than 85%, and oxygen in steel with a lot of calcification, sulfur reaction of low melting point easy to float, achieve the purpose of purifying liquid steel. In ladle refining, it can shorten the steelmaking time effectively, and has the ability to absorb the non - metallic impurities in the steel, which has a significant effect on the purification of molten steel.
Fused Calcium Aluminate Chemical Content
Item Al2O3 SiO2 MgO CaO
Content(%) 35-48 <6 1-6 45-65
Fused Calcium Aluminate Features
  • Reasonable chemical composition, it is beneficial to slag as soon as possible, shorten smelting time
  • To slag fast, reduce the power consumption of smelting
  • Reduce the refractory material consumption and increase the age of the ladle.
  • No dust, can be on the material bin
  • Have a good desulfurization effect - a low melting point, good adsorption of impurities in ladle argon blowing furnace taphole process
  • Ingredients are stable and uniform, and can be customized according to customer requirements.