Brown Fused Alumina Slag-FeSi

During fusion process of Brown Fused Alumina, the iron and metal content(mainly ferro and silicon)settle at the bottom of the arc furnace because of their higher density. After cooling down, it seperated from Brown Fused Alumina whose content is Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3). We select the settled metal part, crush and grade it into grains suitable for various industrial purposes. Its main content is Ferro and Silicon and can replace some FeSi. We call it Brown Fused Alumina-FeSi. So the manufacturing process of Brown Fused Alumina Slag FeSi is different from normal FeSi.

Because silicon is easy to react chemically with oxygen to become Silicon Oxide, it is used as deoxidizer in steel making industry. Silicon Oxide(SiO2) also produce a lot of heat, so can improve the temperature of steel. FeSi is also widely used in low alloy structural steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat resistant steel etc. Its Ferro content is typically 76%-80% and Silicon content 13%-17%. Sizes can be made according to customer quest, common sizes are 0-10mm, 0-25mm etc.

Applications of Brown Fused Alumina Slag-FeSi

  • Because of its hardness, it's used for Sand Blasting, Rust Removal, Cleaning, Polishing etc.
  • Deoxidizer in steel making industry to improve strength, hardness and density of steel.
  • Used as Inoculant to help Graphite Precipitation
  • Used as Reducing Agent in Steel Alloy Industry.
  • Newly development products like Mineral Processing, Lithium Ferro Battery etc.

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