Black Silicon Carbide for Abrasives

 Silicon Carbide is a non-metal mineral made of fusion of Quartz Sand and Anthracite/Petroleum Coke in electric resistance furnace under 1800 celcius degree. Because of different raw materials used, there are Black Silicon Carbide and Green Silicon Carbide. Black Silicon Carbide has high hardness, low expansion rate, good heat conductivity, widely used in abrasive tools, grinding and polishing of electronic parts, refractory materials, high end ceramics, foam ceramic, auto parts, aviation, deoxidizer etc.

Black Silicon Carbide Abrasives Grits is made according to China GB/Japan JIS/American ANSI/Europe FEPA standard and graded into material of standard particle distribution. It has higher hardness than Brown and White Fused Aluminium Oxide, while more brittle. It has higher toughness than Green Silicon Carbide. Our Black Silicon Carbide for Abrasives has little impurities, high toughness, coarse particles, good self-sharpening, good abrasion resistance and is an excellent abrasives.

Physical and Chemical Properties

True Gravity: 3.15 g /cm3

Bulk Density: 1.20-1.60 g / cm3

Mosh Hardness: ≧9

Color: Black

Melting Point: 2700 Celcius Degree

Sizes: F8-F220

Applications of Abrasives Black Silicon Carbide

  • Production of Vitrified Grinding Wheel and Resinoid Grinding Wheel, other Bonded Abrasive Tools and Coated Abrasive Tools
  • Casting Sand, Foundry Sand, Welding Material
  • Wear Proof Flooring, Abrasion Resistant Laminate Flooring
  • Sand Blasting, Polishing and Etching on Metal and Non-metal Surfaces
  • Free Grinding and Polishing of other Metal and Non-metal Parts

More information on Black Silicon Carbide(SiC) Abrasives FEPA Macro Grits F8-F220