Black Silicon Carbide Micro Grits

Our company used dry, wet, wet and dry method of production of silicon carbide powder, in order to apply to different products of different needs. Mainly used in refractory products manufacturing, ceramic foam industry, reaction sintering of ceramics, solar wafer cutting, crystal crystal cutting grinding, automobile engine components manufacturing, special paint industry, rubber and plastic product, desulfurization, power supply, environmental protection industries widely. Powder is a silicon carbide raw block after crushing the Raymond machine and jet mill, ball mill, shaping machine for grinding after the formation of 100um to fine silicon carbide products. The application scope of silicon carbide powder is more and more widely, and the demand is further increased. The powder negative pressure conveying equipment was successfully applied to the production of silicon carbide powder. Silicon carbide prices reduce the cost, increase production, market reference existing negative pressure material technological characteristic, at the same time, improvement and optimization, developed specifically for the characteristics of silicon carbide powder of JM500-2 type vacuum feeder and relative with high wear resistance, easy cleaning, conveying speed, at the same time, increase the intelligent quantitative conveying function, in the actual production achieved successful application. Vacuum feeding machine adopts negative pressure conveying materials, compared to the traditional equipment, greatly reducing the conveying of dust, is conducive to improve the production environment of black silicon carbide powder.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Black Silicon Carbide Powder

True Gravity: 3.15 g /cm3

Bulk Density: 1.20-1.60 g / cm3

Mosh Hardness: 9

Color: Black

Melting Point: 2700 Celcius Degree

Sizes: F280-F2500 Micro Grits

Applications of Black Silicon Carbide Powder

  • Cutting and Grinding of Solar Parts
  • Production on Stone and other Non-metal Parts
  • Metallurgical, Refractory and Foundry Coating
  • Production of Abrasive Tools, Grinding Wheels
  • Ceramic and Enviroment Protection Materials
  • Fillings into Cosmetic Products
  • Wear Proof Roof, Abrasion Resistant Flooring