White Fused Alumina for Refractories

White Fused Alumina is made from redused fusion of high purity alumina powder whose content is Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3). It has very high refractory temperature, acid and alkali corrosion resistant, stable in chemical content, high true gravity/density, low porosity rate, thermal shock resistant. It's an excellent corundum aluminium oxide refractory material. White Fused Alumina refractory grades is an important high end material for production of shaped and unshaped refractory products.
Along with Brown Fused Alumina,White Fused Alumina is one of the important refractory material in synthetic corundum family, while with higher Aluminium Oxide content.

Physical and Chemical Properties
True Gravty: 3.60 g /cm3
Bulk Density: 1.5-2 g / cm3
Mosh Hardness: 10
Color: White, Light Blue after Heat Treatment
Melting Point: 2350 Celcius Degree
Linear Expansion Coefficient Index: (7-9)*10^-6/K (0 - 1600)
Sizes Available: 0-1mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh

Applications of White Fused Alumina Refractory Grades
  • Alumina Bricks, Alumina Type Refractory Brick Mullite Box Body, Nozzle, Spray Gun, Furnace and Oven Linear
  • Unshaped Refractory Materials like Ladle Pouring Material, Drainage Sand, Spraying and Filling Material, Prefabricated Parts
  • Refractory Materials in Steel Making, Metallurgical, Cement, Glass, Ceramic, Petrochemical Industries
  • Precision Casting and Foundry Sand

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