Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide for Bonded Abrasives & Blasting

Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide(Brown Fused Alumina),abbreviated as BFA, is made according to FEPA, JIS Standard etc with fine particle distribution for bonded abrasives, sand blasting and surface treatment. Because of its hardness, toughness, sharp edge and self-sharpening character, Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide is an ideal synthetic abrasives material for production of abrasive tools(Bonded Abrasive Grinding Wheels, Cutting Discs, Grinding Head etc, and also in Sand Blasting and Pollishing purposes. Brown Fused Aluminium Oxdie is the most used abrasives because of its features and cost. Our BFA FEPA grits are with about 95%min Aluminium Oxide(Al2O3), high purity, coarse particles, low magnetic contents, high cleaness.

We also have Bamarc equipment for mill of Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide to improve its shape by centrifugal force. BFA milled by Bamarc equipment is granted more round shape grits and higher bulk density. Abrasive tools made of it is more tough, abrasion-resistant and self-sharpening. If used for sand blasting, Bamarc BFA can be recycled more times.

Physical and Chemical Properties

True Gravity: 3.90 g /cm3

Bulk Density: 1.4-2.3 g /cm3

Mosh Hardness: 9

Color: Brown/Grey

Melting Point: 2300 Celcius Degree

Sizes: FEPA F8-F220

Applications of Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide Abrasives

  • Production of Grinding Wheels, Cutting Discs
  • Grinding Head and other Bonded Abrasive Toools
  • Water-jet Cutting Media
  • Sand Blasting Abrasives of Metal, Wood, Bamboo,Glass,Ceramic,Stone etc.
  • Color and Decorative Pattern of Jeans
  • Water Filtration Media
  • Wear Resistant Products
  • Anti-slipping Materials
  • Aluminium Oxide Coating

More Information on Brown Fused Aluminium Oxide for Abrasives