China Customs will Eliminate the Check of Magnesium Products

         Zhongsen Editor          2019-04-23
Before 2017,in order to control the export of magnesium raw materials, customs to the magnesium products and similar minerals to be tested. Magnesium products at the time of export in the customs to test the content of magnesium oxide, so enterprises to increase the goods to be inspected, inverted goods, sampling inspection and other work, and sometimes there will be delays in loading and other situations, thus increasing the cost of enterprise exports. After the elimination of magnesium export quotas and export tariffs in 2017, the inspection work has not been cancelled, so the costs incurred by enterprises and Customs are considered to be unnecessary costs. Enterprises put forward the cancellation of customs on the content of magnesium oxide test more and more high, December 27, 2018, by the Liaoning Province nonmetallic Minerals Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as Liaoning Non-association) The Symposium on the Import and export of magnesium in Liaoning Province was held in response to the core appeal of enterprises and in response to the new situation of magnesium import and export in China since the 2017 magnesium storm. Liaoning Province, municipal and county governments at all levels, Dalian customs related departments, colleges and universities leadership and business leaders and their representatives attended the symposium. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Guodong, secretary general of the Liao African Association. The director Sun of Dalian customs reported on the import and export of magnesium in Liaoning region in recent three years and the emerging problems. Especially in view of the 2017 export quota and export tariff cancellation, but also the magnesium magnesium oxide content inspection, to the enterprise to bring unnecessary cost burden, Dalian Customs Director Sun said that the Customs and Commerce Department will fully listen to the voice of enterprises, better support and service enterprises, Let us Liaoning in the world's influential industry to master the Voice. The meeting revealed that the Customs and Excise Department to remove the issue of magnesium oxide content inspection, has been reflected in the Minmetals Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Commerce on the enterprise's demand has also responded, and determined that it is a reasonable appeal, the possibility of cancellation is very high. However, the cancellation of a decision is much longer than the release of a decision, the meeting through the customs, associations, relevant government departments and enterprises of the discussion, consultation, decided that the Liao Non-association to form a document, re-report to the relevant departments, to promote the resolution of the problem, I believe that this action will speed up the process of resolving this issue. Therefore, the removal of magnesium products by the customs will be within reach, will make the cost of export enterprises significantly reduced, is undoubtedly a major boon for export enterprises in addition, according to the Customs and Excise Department, 2017 and 2018 have foreign magnesium import data show that foreign magnesium raw materials began to enter the Chinese market. This is a phenomenon that has never existed before 2017. The most imported is in Yingkou area, followed by Dalian, Dandong and other places also have a certain amount of imports. This phenomenon will affect China's Liaoning magnesium in the absolute advantage of the position, the loss of some market share. In the second half of 2018, companies reported a reduction in orders. Fortunately, we Liaoning main origin of the government and enterprises have realized the serious situation, after nearly two years of environmental protection, enterprises have environmental protection standards. In 2019, the first half of this year, the government will release explosives. With the establishment of Liaoning Magnesite Industry Co., Ltd., Haicheng Magnesite Mountain integration is beginning to bear fruit, the mine will be ordered limited mining, ore is no longer in short supply. After 2017 years of magnesium storm, it is proved once again that the high temperature resistance of alkaline refractories in Liaoning magnesite industry is strong and there is no substitute. According to Customs data, from 2018 to the day of the Conference, the number of magnesium imports decreased by 45 compared with 2017, and the loss of market phenomenon eased. But a glut of magnesium ore will become a thing of the past. Under the weight of environmental protection, the restoration of mine vegetation in Haicheng is an important duty of Liaoning Magnesite Industry Co., Ltd., and the cost of this part is of course borne by mining enterprises. January 2019 Liaoning will launch the "Magnesium refractory industrial atmospheric pollutant Emission Standards" special law enforcement action, a new round of environmental pressure will make the cost of environmental protection reform again increased, this part of the cost will add production costs, the magnesium price has a profound impact. So the price of magnesium will return rationally but not back to the past, magnesium prices will not go back to the price before 2017 magnesium prices will run at a scientific, rational price.